Keeping My Word

Long-range Strength is an experiment in personal growth. It’s my personal training log while pursuing maximum strength and endurance and a dump for my ideas while studying how to improve my training.

I’m being reminded as I get older that long-term goals are exactly that: long-term. This is my way of keeping my long-term goals fresh.

I’m no certified personal trainer. I’m not an elite athlete, either. This is just another step in holding myself accountable so that I will stay on the course.

I’ll be updating my progress here at the end of every six-week training cycle while also writing out my training priorities for those cycles.

Performance Metrics:

9.25.17 – Beginning

Bodyweight: 219

Resting Heart Rate: 58

Zone 2 HR Avg Pace (HR 120-140): 13:26 min/mi

Bench Press 1RM: 250

Squat 1RM: 355

Deadlift 1RM: 425

Immediate Training Goal Hierarchy:

  • Improve Threshold pace for work-related PFT
  • Build aerobic base
  • Improve body composition
  • Maintain/increase strength

11.4.17 – Next Snapshot.

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