Keeping My Word

My name is Keith. I’m a Park Ranger in Tennessee, where I run, lift weights, play music, and eat a lot of tacos.

Long-range Strength is my experiment in personal growth, where I throw myself at you so that you’ll hold me accountable to my goals.

My main goal: to have insane self-supported adventures and to be ready for anything.

This is my personal training log while pursuing maximum strength and endurance, dumping my ideas, and studying how to improve my training to better ready myself for solo adventures in the back country.

I’m being reminded as I get older that long-term goals are exactly that: long-term. This is my way of keeping my long-term goals fresh.

I’m no certified personal trainer. I’m not an elite athlete, either. This is just another step in holding myself accountable so that I will stay on the course.

I’ll be updating my progress here while also writing out my training priorities for those cycles.

Performance Metrics:

9.25.17 – Beginning

Bodyweight: 219

Resting Heart Rate: 58

Zone 2 HR Avg Pace (HR 120-140): 13:26 min/mi

Bench Press 1RM: 250

Squat 1RM: 355

Deadlift 1RM: 425

Immediate Training Goal Hierarchy:

  • Build base mileage
  • Improve body composition
  • Maintain/increase strength

1/1/18 – Next Snapshot

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