The Daily Dose 12/21/17: Purposefully Unstructured

“Here is the manliness of manhood, that a man has a good reason for what he does, and has a will in doing it.”
-Alexander MacLaren

They say that the best diet is the one that you can stick with. The best program is likely the same. It has seemed like with the flow of the weekly volume and my calorie intake that by Thursday my main goal needs to be recovery, both to be ready for the heavy weekend volume and to prevent program burnout.

With that in mind, I think for the next few weeks at least my goal is to make Thursday an Unstructured Day.

Rules of Unstructured Day:

  • Must be at least one hour in duration.
  • Try exercises that you want to work on
  • Work in the exercises that you don’t really have space for during the rest of the week, as long as they don’t interfere with Friday’s lifting or Long Run Day.
  • Work on mobility

Unstructured Day is really just time spent enjoying movement and allowing myself to experiment while keeping myself from being stagnant on the couch.

I think it would be awesome to work in some Prowler Sled and Strongman implements on these days. Baby steps.

Unstructured Day

1 hour

STRENGTH – 40 minutes

  • Supersetted some of the strength work with a few sets up pullups, dips, and one-armed swimmers presses with 40# dumbells.

SQUAT VARIANTS – Keeping it really light and working on form.

  • I’ve been spending a little time every day working on my ankle mobility. This added volume and paying attention have shown me that not only is my ankle range of motion almost nonexistent, but my ankles are incredibly weak as well – probably from all those years in high-top cleats on the defensive line.
  • Put on the ol’ Rogue Do-Wins for these to add a little help and experiment some. Felt really nice, actually.

Front Squats

95 x 5, 115 x 5, 135 x 5, 185 x 2

  • Form video shows that my ankle/hip mobility is the main factor in my butt-wink issues. Playing with form. These felt good, but video makes them look a little nastier than I would like.

High Bar Squats

185 x 2

5 x 2 x 225

  • Trying to open up the chest as much as possible. These actually felt pretty good once I brought my feet in a little closer together and pushed my toes out more.


2 x 5 x 135, each leg.

  • These felt super weird, but I like them. Definitely going to help my balance and coordination.


5 x 10 x 70#, 30 seconds between sets.


Paying careful attention during the vinyasas to the calves, hamstrings, and ankles. Added Hero Pose into the flow to work on the flexibility even more.

Foam rolled my beef jerky calves. Ouch.

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