The Daily Dose 12/17/17: Rest Day Rambles

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important.” Ambrose Redmoon

I spent the first bit of my long run yesterday in the dark and cold to begin getting used to running in the dark again. My New Years Challenge will, of course, get me quite used to running in the dark, but I think gradually testing the waters is a good idea.

Why do people decide to run until their feet look like raw hamburger? Why would someone be drawn towards the idea of going so far that the body breaks down? I thought about that a lot yesterday as I pushed through the discomfort to run a fraction of my goal distance.

Challenge makes us better. If you want to sharpen an axe, you don’t put it back in the shed.

You grind it against stone.



Workout of the Day

Really goofed off with it today. Took a jaunt down the Shelter 5 connector trail to Shoal Creek Trail and spent some time playing around there looking for photos in the damp and gloom.

3.2 mi

16:49 min/mi

54 min

465 ft of climbing

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