Do Not Sit and Entertain Yourself Until You Meet Your End – Workout of The Day 12/7/17

I’m preparing for adventure because I believe that throwing my soul into loneliness, suffering, and hardship will make me a better man. I mean, I’m going to see some fun stuff along the way, but I believe that some men need adventure so that they can attack their normal lives and care for their families with confidence and vigor.

At the end of this month I’ll be taking a step into my first long run adventure that will be documented on this blog. It’ll be a dry run and great exercise for the trips and plans that are yet to come. It’ll be a 24 hour run on trail where I use my truck as my home base. The best part? It begins at noon on New Years Eve, and ends at noon on New Years Day. What better way to start a new goal?

For the sake of safety and documentation I’ll outline my entire plan for the run in its own post. I’ll do the same with future adventures to have all the details ready to go should someone need it for reference, since part of the plan is to go alone.

I’m excited. The world is a wild place. You can watch TV and wait until your end, or you can jump on and enjoy the ride.

Until tomorrow,

Workout of The Day: 12/7/17

BW: 214.6

Waist: 38

RHR: 58

Ashtanga Yoga and Balance Postures (P90X Yoga X Video)

1 hr 35 min

I had originally planned on doing some speed work today, and I was still quite tempted given the weather today, but I decided on something altogether different: Yoga. I sucked it up and knocked out the Yoga X video from the Good Ol’ P90x videos, which I purchased and enjoyed circa 2008.

Since Yoga improves core strength, balance, and coordination, and I have none of those things, I think it would probably be beneficial to work that in on Thursdays and just do some intuitive speed work on the Tuesday or Saturday runs. I’ll probably do some Sun Salutations here and there as warmups, ideally before each workout with a few balance postures. From looking at it today I can tell that I have very little strength in my left lower leg, which is probably contributing to the crunchiness in my ankle.

Oh yeah, and I took a pic of my sweaty yoga mat, but this whited out pic of the Overlook Trail I took the other day was much more rad. Hope you enjoy it.

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