Choose The Path You’ll Be Proud Of, Not The Easy One – Workout of The Day 12/6/17

I recently dropped out of the running for a job that I’ve wanted for 10 years. I’m told I had a fairly good chance at getting the job, which would have taken me from my normal “Boots on the ground” responsibilities as a Park Ranger and Training Officer and put me in a regional job. I would be traveling to different parks all the time, showing people the most beautiful and treasured places in the world. News came out today of the panel’s selection. Know what I feel about it?

Nothing. I feel nothing. No jealousy, no disappointment, no second thoughts about what could have been. It’s an indicator that I’m making steps in the right direction. I know I’m becoming a better man that has the confidence to make decisions and stick with them.

You are not necessarily what you do for a living. It’s taken me a long time to fully realize that because I work in an environment where it’s totally necessary to be wrapped up in my job. I’m a Park Ranger and so are all my friends because we’re all we have time for.

That being said, I am not who I am because I’m a Park Ranger. I’m a Park Ranger because of who I am. I enjoy the grind. I enjoy the late nights searching for lost people. I enjoy working for twenty days in a row sometimes. I enjoy the views of places that few people see. I even enjoy dealing with unruly people and placing myself in danger to protect the people and places that are so special. I take pride in what I do, but I am learning to be my own man. Who I am is complimented by the hard work that I do and the satisfaction I get from being the man people call when they’re in trouble. That’s enough for me.

Sometimes you can find happiness in the suffering, and suffering in the happiness.

Until tomorrow, friends.


Workout of The Day: 12/6/17

BW: 217

Waist: 38

RHR: 58

Had a pretty stressful night. Kip had some tummy troubles and threw fit after fit from about 10pm – 2am. Drove me a little crazy.

Feeling pretty sore today. Left ankle and Achilles are a little crunch, but I won’t be doing much running again until Saturday, so I’m good with it.

My measurements aren’t really giving much away, but I for sure look and feel leaner than I have.


Warmup crucial today – i’m betting these hamstrings are on a hair trigger.

Squat: beltless all

Superset w/ 6 x 30# twisting conc curls

5 x 135, 5 x 165, 5 x 185

spending a great deal of time in the hole on the warmup sets.

3 x 5 x 225


Supersetted w/ 15 single leg calf raises

8 x 135

3 x 5 x 170

Deadlift – beltless, DO grip all

5 x 225

1 x 5 x 265


35 min hike/run with the doggos.

To the Overlook and back. Trying to intentionally keep HR in Zone 1-2 for some connective tissue/system recovery. The preworkout I took before lifting totally jacked up my heart rate, but I feel like it was a good decision considering how leathery my muscles are feeling today.

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