The Self-talk of a Quitter – Workout of the Day 12/5/17

What are your go-to excuses whenever the alarm clock sounds too early, or whenever the weather outside complicates your carefully selected training outfit? What are the reasons you give yourself to shorten that final loop down a trail to head for the truck?

Your goals are your goals. There are reasons to live your life and take a day off. Your family may need attention. Your job may be calling. You may be injured. It’s important though to be able to distinguish between using your time differently and just choosing to rest when things get difficult.

My main excuse for slacking stems from a source that I think would ring true with a lot of people: fear. I’m a large, burly, backcountry law enforcement officer that solos backpacking trips, lifts weights, and supervises large crews, but fear is what hold me back.

I’m afraid of failure.

I’m afraid that the people back home will think I’m full of myself and conceited. I’m afraid my wife will think I’m crazy and irresponsible. I’m afraid to talk to my brother when I fall short of my own plans. I’m afraid the rumor mill at work will turn a little faster if I do anything out of the norm.

You know what though? People will think what they think. There is only one person that I have control over, and that’s me. I can only do my best. I can only find own my path and stay on it.

Until tomorrow,

Workout of The Day – 12/5/17

BW: 216.5

Waist: 38

RHR: 60


Ran 7.3 hilly miles today in the cold rain. Took The Overlook Trail down to Shoal Creek, then worried the connector trails. Circled the bike trail then headed home on the Trail of Tears, taking one final stop at the Overlook.


70# two-handed Swings

5 x 20, with 30 sec rest between sets. Ouchie.

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