Any Day Can Be Day One – Just Start

The past few weeks have come and gone like a spring flood – the kind that swell the creeks over the bridges for the night but are gone by morning. I’m sitting here now, at 4:30 am, holding my son, who turns a respectable 14 days old today. He just finally went to sleep after a long fight. He’s big already. And loud. And stubborn. Things have changed a lot. I absolutely love it.

Things that I thought I wanted for years suddenly seem so far away. The goals I have had now seem so short-sighted, and now I’m thinking about my life in years and decades instead of weeks and months. It would be easy to live this life the way I see so many do. It would be so easy to go to work, come home, watch TV until I sleep, then repeat until my son has to care for me. These are the habits that get away from people, and I see people wake up at 55 and wonder where their lives went. I don’t want that for us.

I want us to make goals and crush them. I want us to have adventures and live wild, uncomfortable, fantastic lives. It’s time to get ready and set an example for my family.

I know there are so many people out there just like me – the people that do what is responsible and safe and sensible, but just hunger desperately for adventure. For those folks, I’m going to document my journey here while I push my body to its limits and throw myself out on the rainy, windy ledge of life as much as I can so that my son, my family, and I can look back and know that we did not waste this life.

Great things are coming.

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