Workout of The Day: 10/27/17 – I Ate Everything and It Worked

Even though my impromptu rest day yesterday was replaced with one of those stress-induced naps before going in to work, It was definitely for the best. I also ate everything I wanted and didn’t log anything into myfitnesspal whatsoever, but I will tell you that ice cream, chicken tenders, and burritos were definitely harmed in the making of yesterday’s rest day. Gotta do what you gotta do.

On the upside though, I woke up this morning and found that my RHR has gone down 2 bpm, so I’m thinking that since my schedule is so weird I’ll just work until my RHR jumps up 5-8 bpm, then take a rest day. I like the idea of using bioindicators to monitor my training progress and let the stimulus/compensation autoregulate itself instead of just trying to beast everything out or maintain a rigid training schedule with a totally screwed up work/life schedule.

I’m also thinking that since I’ve cut some weight by being on a fairly large caloric deficit, but my performance has dropped drastically over the past few days, that I can probably continue to cut weight with a high training level, but add in more calories to sustain that workload. It may take some experimenting to lose this last 10-15 lbs that I need to cut, but I’m optimistic. Things are looking up.

Today’s Training (will complete this evening)



Supersetted with:

8 x 30# DB Hammer Curls

15 Single-leg Calf Raises


2 x 5 x 300



Supersetted with:

10 Bulgarian Split Squats

10 x 70# Swings


3 x 5 x 115

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