Workout of The Day: 10/25/17 – PT TEST DAY

So I may delve into some of this a bit later, but today was sort of an important day for my job. We’ve known this PT test was coming for months, but I figured I could just knock it out without doing any really focused training for it other than getting an idea of where I stood for it. A few of my test runs had me figuring I’d hit my 1 mi run in the 7:30 range.

PT Test: TSP Special Operations Response Team

1 mi run (<8 min to pass)

40 pushups in 2 minutes

40 sit-ups in 2 minutes

Despite the lack of any really focused strength-endurance work on pushups and sit-ups and only a little speed work, today went extremely well. I resisted the urge to get out this morning for a little Zone 2 jaunt in the woods and decided I should spend the first half of the day resting and not eating anything crazy, then spend the rest of the day celebrating depending on how the test went.

Since for the pushup/sit-up portion of the test really just consists of banging out 40 pushups or sit-ups within the time limit and stopping there, I wasn’t really worried about it. I was, however, very interested in how the run would go.

Knocked mine out in 6:45, a new PR for me! This maybe isn’t super amazing for some, but for a big fella like me I feel pretty accomplished. Since I’ve been eating at a deficit for about a week now I may even splurge on some calories tonight!

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