Workout of The Day: 10/24/17 – No Structure Whatsoever

Today’s Training:

4.8 mi run
Average 12:10 min/mi
1 hr

1.6 mi hike
38 min

Ditched the plan for today even though I got up in time for it. Legs are feeling heavy and RHR is up to 66 bpm (up from 54 bpm), which I’m taking as a sign that I need to rest. Since I have my PFT for the TSP Special Operations Team tomorrow I called off the hard prowler work and speed work today and rocked out an unstructured run. Sped up to to some sub 7 min/mi sprints down the trail, then got a little slow here and there. I spent a lot of time taking pictures for one of my side hustles. Overall a fantastic way to spend a beautiful morning.

Had a snack and a shower after the run, then took the puppers on the usual Overlook Trail walk with Bethany. Stopped quite a bit for more picture taking. The day is good.

Time is the currency of greatness. Invest it. Don’t spend it. Every second counts.

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