Workout Of The Day: 10/23/17 – Dog Run and Some Lifting

Since my wife is extremely pregnant at this point and our dogs know something’s up, I figure every chance to get them out of the house to burn off their excess energy is a good thing. I have a black lab that falls over after a mile and a pit bull mix than can carry me for a 10k, so the difference in endurance between the two is something to juggle.


Today’s Training:


Warmup with the Puppers
1.7 mi run
11:49 min/mi Zone 2
20 min


Going back to Bench, Squat, Deadlift, because these lifts keep me motivated and I love them.

Current Maxes:

Squat: 355

Bench: 250

Press: 150

Deadlift: 425

Supersetted with
15 Single Leg CR
8 x Hammer Curls
5 x 135, 185 x 5, 225 x 3

3 X 5 X 250

Supersetted with
10 Bulgarian Split Squats
8 x Ring rows
8 x 135

3 X 5 X 185





Yep, still suck at these.


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