Back To The Grind

Too much fun…

Well, things have been a bit adventurous lately and even though I’ve had a few experiences that are helping me get out of the rut that I’ve been in, my rhythm with respect to training has been screwed.

I also must admit that I’ve been guilty of a little goofarounditis lately. I’ve reassessed some goals and I think I’m better for it.

I took several days off work to go visit my brother in Memphis and record some music. The hipster business of Midtown Memphis is a different planet compared to the live I normally live, but I had a blast. So much food. So much beer.

Here we go!

I’m starting back this week with some very cut-and-dry ideas moving forward. I’ll be signing up for a 50k in February, which should give me enough time to get ready for it while also taking my sweet time taking care of and getting to know our first little one, who should be here sometime around Nov 15th.


Assigning Priorities

Making a list here since I have a lot that I want to accomplish, not much time to do it, and several other priorities in life other than just working out all the time.

1) Continue cutting weight.

– I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last few weeks. Even though my training schedule has been weird and I had a few days in there that my nutrition was out of control, I basically follow an IIFYM approach and stick to an appropriate caloric level given my activity level for that day.

2) Maintain existing muscle mass.

– Not going to worry too much here. With the added Press 1rm I got last week I think I’m going to begin running a Tactical Barbell Template using Squat/Bench on Monday and Deadlift/Press on Thursday with some bodybuilding/unilateral stuff in between each set. No big deal here.

3) Connective Tissue Integrity.

– Not reinventing the wheel here. Time on feet, mostly Zone 2 is the bread and butter.

4) Get Faster.

– Speed work, Hills, and Prowler at least once per week.


Don’t wish for things to get better. Make them better.

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