Forward Progress

Setting up…

Things have been busy and work is driving me insane, but I’m ready to get started with this thing.

From here on out this will be my daily workout journal, as well as where I dump my thoughts on training, progress, recvery, and sport fandom.

Since I’m definitely the kind of person that needs a schedule and a to-do list, here goes:


Training Schedule

My training setup for the next several weeks looks like this:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Weight Training Prowler, short intervals Rest or Zone 2 Endurance Weight Training Prowler, Long Intervals Long Run Rest or

B2B Long Run

Ideally as I progress in Long Run length and weekly mileage I’ll move to taking Wednesday off. After I complete my PFT for work I’ll be able to spend less time on speed work and more time just building aerobic base and time on feet.



Just for the sake of keeping things simple, I’m using myfitnesspal to keep track of my nutrition. I’ve played with the idea of IIFYM, but I found after trying that for a while that my caloric needs vary widely with varying training intensities throughout the week and insufficient intake in response to long runs/long weightlifting sessions throws my hormones out of whack and I wind up only sleeping 2-3 hours per night. Since I still need to cut quite a bit of bodyfat, I’ve set my base daily caloric intake at 1,800 calories per day, aiming for ~190-200 g of protein per day, then not really worrying about the rest. If I have to dial that in further later I will.


Update Schedule

Outlining my goals here to make sure I keep good observations and push myself to learn more.

Workout of The Day

For the sake of keeping good observations throughout this journey, I’ll be posting my workouts, mood, and odd metrics here and there daily.

Training Tuesday and Food Friday

I’ll recap and review things that I’ve learned throughout the previous week regarding training protocols and nutrition, which will keep me accountable to studying ways to make myself better

Recovery Recap

Every Sunday I’ll recap the week of training to make good observation of how that block went, things I could do differently, and any tweaks I’d like to make to the program.


Relentless Forward Progress

Here we go! Hopefully recording things throughout this journey will be useful to someone other than me.



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